Friday, 27 February 2009

Trafalgar Square- The Fourth Plinth Project

How exciting!

The Fourth Plinth Project will be happening in London over the summer.

They are planning to have lots of people from all over the UK (chosen at random from those who express their interest) standing for one hour each on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square (where normally there are statues).

People are free to do anything they like (legally!) during their one hour slot we've come up with the awesome idea of someone (or may be even a few people if we can drum up enough interest) standing on there holding a massive organ donor card

Because they want to get equal numbers of people from all over the UK, and because those who enter the ballot will be chosen at random, we could do with getting as many people as possible involved to enter.

All information about this can be found by clicking on these links:

Here's what you need to do
1. Express your interest here
2. After a a random ballot, people who have been chosen to have a go will be notified by email.
3. Then... you need to email us if you're one of the lucky ones so we can arrange to get a giant donor card to you!

If you're up for it, please let us know -- We're all definitely going into the ballot, as long as we don't get the 3am slot!!


Sarah Milne said...

We will do it - I will stand there with Wills (for a while) and the girls in LLTGL T-shirts and a giant card :-)

loulou said...

Count me in-I will be there just lemme know the slot...the 3am one could be a larf!!!??? :-)

Anonymous said...

That would be exciting, I hope they pick me! Do you think we will get pooped on by pigeons though? I don't want to become a you tube statistic ...

Audrey x

Molly said...

Sounds great, I'm definitely up for it :) Have expressed my interest on the website. It'd be a great way to raise awareness.

Moll x x

Justine - LamLassLovingLungs said...

ive jus registered..its greattt idea!! and whoever gets it...will DEFO increase awarenss!! x x

Clare said...

I'm going to be on the plinth.
11 October 11pm - midnight.
See my plinth page

Come down and cheer me on. The day is extra special as it is my birthday.