Monday, 16 February 2009

More cake-bake fun!

One of our volunteers, the beautiful Victoria Tremlett, had an awesome weekend baking lots of wonderful goodies to raise money for us. Tor, who has cystic fibrosis, was listed for a double-lung transplant in July 2007 after her lung function collapsed to 23% and she became dependent on oxgygen and a wheelchair. For Tor, every aspect of her life is affected as she places her life on hold for the hope of new lungs, emotionally as well as physically.

We were super-proud, therefore, of Tor's heroic efforts this weekend, as she managed to bake about 3 dozen cakes for her sister to sell at her work as a way of raising some vital funds for us.

We think you'll agree that Tor's cakes look spectacularly cute!


Holly said...

Great Job Tor... well done!

Your cakes look Yum! x

Sarah Milne said...

Well done Tor, they look yummy :-)