Friday, 17 June 2011

Kirstie's big day.

21 year old Kirstie Mills is one of our incredible LLTGL Ambassadors.

She is in desperate need of a double lung transplant and declining rapidly. Doctors told her last month that she has approximately six months left to live without one.

Yesterday, talk of drugs, hospitals and mortality was put aside as Kirstie walked down the Aisle to marry her fiancé Stu. Despite being extremely ill and leaving her hospital bed in the High Dependancy Unit for the day, Kirstie looked radiant and it sounds like the day was very magical indeed.

We need your help, because without a transplant, Kirstie and Stu will not get to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. There are 10,000 people like Kirstie currently in desperate need of a transplant, and three of those die every single day due to the shortage of donors.

What can you do to help?

Please share the video of Kirstie's wedding day with anyone and everyone; it is truly moving.

When you do so, please encourage people to sign the organ donor register. It takes just 2 minutes, anyone of any age can sign up, and you could save up to 7 people like Kirstie once you're gone.

It's so quick and easy to sign the organ donor register, yet only 28% of the population have taken the time to do so. All the major UK religions support organ donation, and most illnesses do not prevent you from becoming a donor. There is more information on our FAQs page.

Please go to to sign up, and tell your family about your decision to do so. Then share the link with everyone you know. The majority of us just haven't got round to signing up; let's do something about that.

Kirstie knows that she doesn't have long left without a transplant, but we can help give her hope, give her a future.

Please help Kirstie spread the word, by sharing her story. Together we can ensure even more people are given a future thanks to the gift of life.

Thank you x

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Nakajima Tomohisa said...

That is very touching, I will sign up to become an organ donor and tell everyone i know about doing so them self's.