Friday, 20 May 2011

Call to Action

**Thank you to those who participated - this stage of the research is now finished so they no longer require new participants.**

We have had a request for volunteers from an ESRC funded PhD researcher from Durham University. Read on for more details.

Understanding family organ donation consent

This project is examining organ donation and, in particular, the experiences of families giving consent. It is an important area of research because 42% of families decline to give consent, despite 90% of the population feeling positive about organ donation, and we need to understand the reasons behind this discrepancy better. The project is searching for family members who have been through the experience of having to make a donation decision and who are willing to talk about aspects of their experience. The interviews will be informal and not too intrusive. The researcher is interested in the environment in which decisions are taken and the ways in which this, together with family members’ background and experiences, influences the final decision.

Call for volunteers to participate in this study

This project is concerned with donor families’ experiences and background and the donation decision within the hospital setting. By learning about what you and other donor families have experienced within the hospital setting, we hope to find out more about the environment and the donation decision. I am therefore asking relatives to share their experiences, their opinions about the hospital setting and any thoughts they have regarding transplantation during a short 60 minute meeting at a mutually agreed time. Anything you may say during the study would be treated as confidential. Your name will not be recorded anywhere within the study, and of course, you would be completely free to withdraw at any time.

Any help would be hugely appreciated. The study is being fully supervised by Dr. Mike Nicholson and Dr. Sarah Xiao.

Thank you,

LLTGL Team x

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