Sunday, 3 October 2010

Trekking for Tor

On Saturday 11th September, our fab Trustee Matt and his lovely wife Bex took on an astonishing challenge; to walk 40 miles in less than 24 hours in what they called "Trekking For Tor".

Saturday 11th is a very significant date for Matt and Bex, as their beloved friend Robyn Tainty sadly passed away this day in 2007, when she ran out of time whilst waiting for a double lung transplant.
Setting off before sunrise!

LLTGL Ambassador Tor Tremlett and the loss of Robyn were their inspiration and motivation, as the determined pair set off at an impossibly early hour, across the South Downs.

Tor texted the two constantly, encouraging them as they struggled against wind and rain, but as the day went on, Matt injured his knee, making it even more difficult. About 30 miles in, Matt's knee was extremely painful, but too stubborn to stop, he carried on until he literally could walk no further at 36 miles. The lovely Bex decided to finish the trek on her own, and completed the full 40 miles, meeting Matt at the finish.

The pair did incredibly well and their sheer determination and motivation shone through on a very miserable grey day. They have raised a staggering £1,432 between them, and if you would like to sponsor their fantastic efforts, you can do by going to

Well done Matt and Bex - a fantastic fundraising effort!

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lulu said...

Fab work!! I don't do trekking so big respect 2u both :-)