Monday, 13 September 2010

Fantastic Fundraisers: Team Jess

We've had some incredible fundraising efforts going on this week, here's the first one that took place on Sunday 5th September.

Trustees Emily and Holly who were part of Team Jess

You may remember this blog which highlighted the achievements of our lovely Advocate Jessica Wales, who managed to walk a fith of the Adidas Challenge 5k to raise money for LLTGL and for Kings College Hospital. We were all so proud of her, and she was optimistic and hopeful that she would be able to do the entire course this year, with her new lungs.

Sadly, our lovely Jess passed away in January this year following severe complications which her body was not strong enough to cope with, having waited and fought for over 4 years.
This September, a group of Jess' friends, along with her wonderful mum Jackie, took on the Adidas Challenge in Jess' memory. The team were dressed in bright pink, and it was an emotional day for all involved, and there were tears and hugs all round across the finish line; tears of pride for the achievement, and tears of sadness at the fact Jess should have been there.

Jess' family and friends aim to continue Jess' work for LLTGL in her memory. It is a testament to Jess' incredible hard work, determination, and passionate spirit that she continues to save lives, even after she has gone.

They have raised over £800 through combined Justgiving pages and offline donations so far but you can still sponsor Team Jess at
Jessica Wales: Gone but never forgotten, and missed every day.

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