Sunday, 4 July 2010

Four quick and easy steps to support National Transplant Week.

1. Tell as many people as you can about it!
Mention in on Facebook, tweet about it, put it as your signature at the bottom of your emails just for this week....just a few ways of spreading the word.

2. Have a heart to heart with your loved ones.
How many of us have just never quite found the right time to chat to our families about our wishes? Now is the perfect opportunity; it's National Transplant Week so that's a great conversation starter in itself! Check out NHSBT's website for more info and a Heart to Heart meal pack!

3. Copy and repost this blogpost, or direct your friends this way.
You can help us spread the word and reach more people by doing this, so share away!

4. Make sure you have signed the Organ Donor Register!
Haven't got round to it yet? Click here to sign up right now; it only takes two minutes to pledge to leave behind the most important legacy of all; the Gift of Life.

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