Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Update on Rachy

Hello Everyone,

It's Holly here! Just dropping by to give you an update on our lovely patient ambassador Rachael Wakefield... She continues to progress well after her double lung transplant but it is a long road to recovery and it's not without its hiccups along the way, which is to be expected after such a huge operation!

Rachy is currently fighting an infection (pseudomonas) in her new puffers but the fab transplant team are onto it with strong antibiotics and regular bronchoscopies.

Rachy currently is still on overnight ventilation due to her right lung being a bit naughty but this will hopefully be reduced in time and she will hopefully get the tracheotomy tube out soon too (she will be very happy to be able to finally talk!) The doctors still remain happy with everything and Rachy is keeping the physios on their toes by working on improving her lungs.

I am in regular contact with Rachy and her Mum, they are both in good spirits and are grateful for all the messages of support. You can keep up to date with Rachy's progress on her blog here: http://lungs-for-life.blogspot.com/

Of course Rachy's transplant wouldn't have happened if it had not been for someone signing the Organ Donor Register and their family agreeing to donation. If you want to give someone like Rachy a second chance at life, please consider signing the Organ Donor Register too.

Thank you, x

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