Monday, 31 August 2009

The definition of Challenge.

What is a challenge?

To many of us out there, testing ourselves physically would involve something like a Marathon, or climbing a mountain.

On Sunday 6th September, two of our Advocates are taking on physical challenges to raise money for LLTGL. To understand just how these are challenges however, you have to know a bit about these girls.

On Sunday morning, Jess will be participating in the Adidas Challenge 5k, around Hyde Park. Jess has been waiting for a transplant for over 4 years now, and her lung function has dropped to a frighteningly low 11%. Jess needs oxygen 24 hours a day and often requires a non-invasive ventilator to help her breathe. She is going to try and walk as much of the 5k as she can. Considering that at this stage of lung disease, simply sitting up is exhausting, this is going to be very very hard work. You can watch her video here, and more importantly, sponsor her here.

Lou is one of a kind. She is constantly having new battles thrown at her, but still she keeps going. From childhood cancer, to end stage lung disease, this girl never loses her smile. Now post transplant, she is suffering severe complications, including a form of post transplant cancer and heart failure. Lou's body is still taking a battering - walking is out of the question. So Lou is testing her body in a different way, by hugging a tree without a break for 2 hours. For Lou, this is a huge challenge and will take a lot of mental determination to keep going. Take a look at her video here and her justgiving page here.

Both Lou and Jess are hugely inspirational to all of us at LLTGL. They constantly defy Doctors by getting up, brushing themselves off, and ploughing forwards once more. We are so very proud of them and wish them the very best of luck for Sunday.


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matt coyne said...

good luck girls!! everythings crossed for you!!!