Friday, 16 January 2009

We *heart* Tesco magazine

Our friend Bethany is now the face of Tesco's campaign for more organ donors!

The campign is a very positive look at organ donation through several articles featuring several people we know who have been affected by organ donation and transplantation, including our friends Victoria Tremlett, who is waiting for double-lungs, and Ray Pearson who works for The Transplant Trust

We are so pleased that a big supermarket has taken this on as it is a great way of spreading the message far and wide about the life-saving power of organ donation. We were also really chuffed as they put across so eloquently the importance of telling your family of your wishes as well as signing the register itself.

Love to all
*stop press*
As we were writing this blog, Bethany was in Theatre receiving her new Liver! The first few days are critical so we are all keeping Bethany in our well as the incredible family who have given this beautiful little girl the gift of life.


Aunty P said...

and now Bethany is getting her transplant ! fantastic!

loulou said...

Wow! This is the best thoughts are with little Bethany and her family. xx